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CNC Plasma Cutting

With our high-definition plasma cutting machine, we can cut anywhere from 1/8” – 2” thick with precision. Our capabilities allow us to be able to cut up to 120” wide by 637” long with a tolerance of +/- 0.0625”. Our machine is equipped with two gantries which improves our efficiency and pushes production consistently into high gear.

Our plasma cutting table is capable of not only plasma cutting, but it is also equipped with 5 additional oxyfuel torches, a plasma bevel 360 degree swivel head for custom plasma bevels and even plasma countersinking, as well as drilling and tapping capabilities. It can also do surface etching should it be required.

Our team of experienced CAD programmers are equipped to working with PDF drawings, DXF files and sketched drawings. They will work with our machine operators often at times to design and plan cutting programs with the latest nesting software to ensure all parts are programmed as cost effectively as possible. They also aid and control inventory through our state-of-the-art ERP system on a daily basis providing accurate reporting and ensuring full traceability on stock levels and plate logs.

All parts are cleaned of any debris or slag prior to shipment by scraping, chipping, grinding and/or blanchard grinding so they are weld ready by the time they hit our customers floors. They are also measured and checked for quality ensuring all parts are accurate to customer drawings and standards as ordered.

CNC Oxyfuel Cutting

We have 3 machines capable of oxyfuel cutting that come with a standard tolerance depending on the thickness, on average +/- 0.125”.  All three machines have multi torch cutting options to improve overall cutting efficiency and reducing lead times serving our customers better.

Plate capacity for oxy fuel cutting is anywhere from 2”-5”, and we generally don’t cut anything under 2” thick oxyfuel as it is more optimal for a plasma machine for the lighter thicknesses.

All oxy fuel cut parts are ground and cleaned prior to shipment so there are no sharp edges or burrs on the cutting edge to ensure maximum quality is achieved.  We take pride in our products and guarantee high quality cut parts to all of our customers.


On our first plasma cutting machine we have drilling capabilities where it is programmed to have the drilling, tapping, and cutting all in one single program to maximize efficiency, ultimately saving our customers money for extra value added processes.

Small test pieces are created prior to all drilling programs to line up everything correctly before proceeding with the true program.  Then the machine will start by drilling all the holes of the program, followed by tapping (if required) and then the cutting sequence begins directly after.  All pieces are checked for quality and accuracy prior to shipment by our machine operators during and after the program as well as by the packaging department for quality assurance.


From CNC plasma bevelling, to plasma countersinking, to custom oxyfuel bevels, we can accommodate all your bevelling requirements. With our unique 360 degree high definition plasma swivel head we can do just about any bevel you can think of; weld preps, cutting edges, radius bevels, flat double bevels, flat single bevels, plow bolt holes, etc.  With our oxyfuel bevel bug, we can also take care of your larger bevels that may be required as well.

plasma etching

We can also provide etching services should our customers require part numbers, welding locations, or whatever the case may be. We can accommodate.

Surface etching is a service we have provided for many years that is easily attainable through Boron gas hookups to our plasma machine that is effectively programmed alongside any plasma cutting jobs.

Blanchard Grinding

Xtreme Steel offers blanchard grinding services should it be required for a job.  The blanchard grinding tables are 84″ diameter and can offer a tolerance of 0.005″.